Sunday, November 01, 2015

Singing Time

So I thought I'd start posting my ideas on here that I'm doing for my new calling as Singing Time Chorister in Primary. A lot I'm finding from Pinterest, so that's a FABULOUS resource. Some I'm having to come up with my own. This next week I am going to be teaching "Have a Very Merry Christmas!" from the Primary Children's Songbook P.51. I decided to gather items that represented the different words of the songs and I'll wrap them up for the children to unwrap then stand up front with their item as we sing it. They won't be able to choose randomly this time since they've never heard the song before. So I will hand the item to them.
1. Have a very merry Christmas! Scatter gladness ev'rywhere! (this was a difficult one, but I'll do little suns that they can "scatter" on the front of the floor...big enough that they're easy to pick up)
2. Sing the carols of the Christ child (a Christmas song book)
3. Let your neighbors know you care (a plate of cookies. When we're finished, I'll give them all a cookie)
1. Have a most exciting Christmas! Ring a bell (a bell)
2. and trim a tree (a mini Christmas tree)
3. Stuff a stocking for a loved one (a stocking)
4. Hang the holly joyously (a holly wreath of some sort)
1. Have a happy fam'ly Christmas (a family picture)
2. Gather all your loved ones near (a fireplace figurine, I have one from a dollhouse)
3. Talk about the Baby Jesus (baby Jesus from a nativity set)
4. Wrap your hearts in love this year. (a cardboard heart wrapped in wrapping paper)

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Janis said...

I just saw this Rachel. What a great idea and resource for others if you keep up with this. Keep them coming!!